There may be times when you ought to feel low, feel like your life is getting nowhere, you feel unwanted. Then the first thing you should do is ask yourself a question! Is my destiny going to be written by the things I don’t like?

Most probably the answer would be “I don’t know what I should do to get out of this situation”. It is not a thing to be worried about, as humans we tend to be more inclined towards negativity, it’s how we are brought up.

But that doesn’t need to be that way; you can change all of this without much effort. You may not know the amount of power your mind possesses that can get you out of any dire situation. You just need the right motivation and guidance to get into that zone.

Following can help you Become Un-Stoppable:-

1. Discipline:-

It is the no.1. Ingredient for a successful recipe of life as it makes you your own master; it will open the untapped power within you that you never ever could have imagined. No matter how much someone teaches you to be disciplined, it’s up to you to decide whether you are willing to take this power. It is not a cakewalk; it will require some effort from your end, starting with getting out of your comfort zone, pushing yourself to the limit, maintaining balance from within etc.

2. Perseverance

The term “Perseverance” is an essential element in determining your success. Despite the delay and difficulty in achieving your goal, you still want to do the same thing until your ultimate goal is achieved, can be termed as perseverance. It tests you at the beginning, to see whether you are worthy of it, if you don’t give up that easlily,then gradually, things do come into place and when you do-you learn a lot along the way which you wouldn’t have it you had given up. And when finally you achieve your goal, the sight of the same cannot be explained in words. So, stick to your plan and don’t give up easily.

3. Faith:-

There is a saying that “Faith can move mountains” and the same is also true to the extent of ones beliefs and determination. You should have faith in yourself that sooner or later you will achieve what you want. It also gives you a positive mind-set and aligning yourself with spirituality in the process. There may be obstacles at the beginning that may shatter your faith, but the true winner always knows that despite all these setbacks, one will triumph and be the victor in the end, and if its not good at the end – believe me..It’s not the end.

4. Courage:-

Without courage Discipline, Perseverance & Faith cannot help you achieve your goal. Courage doesn’t mean being fearless, rather it focuses on something more important than fear. If you need you daily dose of courage, you could follow the army men of your country. They redefine courage each and every day, as their country’s well-being and safety is more important to them than their own fear.

5. Meditation:-

Meditation is one of the key aspects of self-improvement as it helps you connect with your inner strength. Through mediation an individual uses techniques to achieve a calm and stable mental state. It reduces stress, anxiety, depression and helps to boost inner peace. With mediation you can train your brain to be more attentive. In the Hindu tradition, Yoga & Dhyana are performed to realize union of one’s eternal self or soul. You just have to spare an hour or may be less in the beginning to start meditation which you can gradually increase as you attain mastery.

6. Healthy Diet:-

If one focuses on an healthy diet plan that includes vegetarian food, avoiding meat products, one can increase the life span by many years. Our digestive system in not designed to digest non vegetarian foods easily, which if not done easily gives rise to numerous deseases. In the modern lifestyle is may be a bit difficult to stick to a nutritious diet plan as we are often inclined towards the junk food available in the market. Though it may satisfy our taste buds but in the long run it causes diseases like Diabetes, Heart Attacks, Auto Immune disorder, skin problems, pre mature baldness to name a few.

You can try to regulate your diet plan slowly so that you may not feel nauseated at the beginning.

Avoid taking unhealthy supplements; nature has abundance of these in the daily food grains & vegetables you eat. Anything that can be eaten raw, can be of good value to your health. There was a study conducted on few people, they were given fruits, vegetables, grains, raw meat & fish. They were asked to choose what they wanted to eat first, so they chose fruits first, then vegetables, then grains and when the time came to choose meat, it was not suitable to be eaten.

So focus on healthy diet.

7. Exercise:-

Who doesn’t want to look good-Answer is every one, now who is willing to do physical exercises to look good-This time the answer may be a very few. In this modern world we are so dependent on machines and gadgets that even the basic physical activity is being deprived upon. People are becoming more obese and un-healthy due to the lifestyle and food they eat. They seldom do some exercises, hence resulting them being unhealthy and in many cases not good looking at all.

If one regularly exercises, the chances of you being good looking are improving day by day. Even by shedding few pounds can do wonders for you. It not only boosts your self-confidence, but keeps you rejuvenated and young for a longer period of time.

Exercise with proper diet boosts your immunity and the visit to your family doctors will be reduced to great extent.

8. Positive Thinking:-

Being positive is key to a better life. It’s really hard to be positive in adverse situations, but trust me, being negative will bring you no good. There is a law of the universe called “Law Of Attraction” which states that you attract what you are and what you think. So if you are constantly thinking about negative things happening in your life, then the universe will send more of that towards you-as it implies on “like attracts like”. Rather you should think about what is good in your life and be grateful for that, by doing so the message sent to universe is positivity which compels it to send you back the same.

To be a positive thinker, you can refer to articles and life lessons of successful people like J.K.Rowling,The Rock-Dwayne Johnson, Nick Santonastasso,Dinesh Mohan etc.

These people are not super humans, rather they are people like you and me, the only difference is they believed in themselves ,they knew their positivity will bring them good fortune and they have proved to do so.

9. Art Of Giving:-

The last one here is the art of giving back; it is that emotion which many don’t have as it takes a lot of heart to give what you have. Usually human beings are not programmed to be that way, but we can always hack our way through it for a better life. Giving can be anything, like feeding a stray animal, helping the poor, donation of blood, etc. It inculcates kindness in a human being and this will in turn be rewarding to you in a way of inner happiness.

I would like to conclude this post by extending my well wishes to you on your journey of BEING UN-STOPPABLE.

Stay Humble! Be Awesome! Get Blessed…

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