Solace…..A thing that makes you feel better and happier when you are feeling sad, disappointed and feel like nothing is going according to your plan, You crave for something that may get you out of this situation. It can be anything, like a new hobby, new job, a new relationship etc.Let us embark on a journey on “How To Find Your Solace”

Before we start it is to be noted that every other thing that makes you happy is not Solace. Those are temporary events or things , the joy of which may not last a couple of hours, rather a Solace is more permanent, the effects of which are long term, those help you to get yourself upgraded to a better version than what you are right now.

Finding the exact thing that may give you a sense of prolonged relief from despair, lethargy and self-doubt may at times be difficult because sometime that thing might be just in front of us and we tend to ignore them one time to many and hence not considering them worth-while.

Finding Solace is also more relatable when that particular thing may in many cases help your earn an extra income, improve upon your personality trait, increase your social status, catapulting your present life on the fast lane and the list goes so on. I hope I am able to connect with the audience and make a relatable stance as to what finding solace is all about.

The article will give you insights on how to find the SOLACE but before that please remember all that you seek is already within you.

1. MUSIC: –

Music can be a very good way to get rid of the regular boredom, despair and other sad phases of our day to day life. As a regular practice many start by learning how to play the guitar as it is one of the most common musical instruments.

Music is usually liked by almost every one, only the taste is different, but the feeling is the same for music all over the world. Learning to play a musical instrument has proven to improve one’s mental abilities like focus, attention by releasing dopamine neurotransmitter hormone, a chemical messenger associated with motivation and reinforcement of behavior that improves physical performance by either delaying fatigue or increasing work capacity that often results in higher expected levels of endurance, power, productivity, or strength.

Also If you would become a pro you could also choose a career change that could not only improve your financial condition but also give you a sense of relief, happiness as the fame increases, you tend to make new connections that may lead your life to a different track, The one which you might have imagined in dreams. That is what finding the solace is all about i.e. the end result HAPPINESS.


Against the contrary belief that studying is bore, one may find innumerable possibilities to finding solace amidst the chaos usually associated with academics. Though it should not be blamed solely as rather it is the way it’s portrayed around the world as tedious, hectic and quite a few negativities forcefully associated with studies.

It may sound strange that I have few friends who resorted to academics right after heartbreak, yes you heard it right “Heartbreak”, Odd it may seem but they have done really good after the said setback in their life. The have rose to tremendous heights in their life as they chose to be the VICTOR rather than being the VICTIM. Solace is predominately confined to a thought process that bridges the gap between Sadness and happiness, as you begin the path of finding the solace, the way you gradually improve along the journey is sure to be fruitful in the end.

Academics are not only confined to boring subjects that one may study in school or college. It can also be a new field altogether. For example History may seem to bore many but when you indulge yourself deep within the exiting parts awaits as it unfold many chapters that are usually not mentioned in the text books. Some find quantum physics interesting and it can be a very rewarding career option as well.


Many of us are doing very well in  our life with respect to financial freedom and stability but alog with that many times we are not happy, irrespective of the fact that we have abundance of almost everything, but its just that this missing part makes us to wander for happiness hence resort to activities that help us find solace.

Helping someone is need is the most noble cause and it not only gives happiness but gives a peace of mind. Social service is a field where there is always scope to do more as society needs a helping hand and the ones in need are increasing day by day.

Please keep in mind that social service should not be a platform for launching your political career as usually many use this shortcut to enter the politics as this it defy the sole purpose of it. One can do volunteering service at an orphanage to begin with; some also volunteer at animal shelters, old age homes etc. In the end it should give you a sense of satisfaction then only shall it be considered going on the path of finding your solace.


Hitting the road often opens new door for self-realisations as this opens new venues in one’s life where new stories are born, one which we could cherish for the rest of our lives that could be shared with our grandchildren when we get old. Perhaps one of the most unexpected elements of diving head-first into your dream road trip is discovering a new path or purpose. When we leave our monotonous lives behind and get our self-indulged on the path to finding our solace, a road trip seems to be very good option.

We can find many likeminded souls along the way who share share the love of adventure and exploration. You may come into contact with someone on the road that puts you on a whole different trajectory, career-wise or motivation-wise, that you never saw coming. These unexpected treasures of travel are truly one of the most fulfilling reasons to take that long-awaited road trip

Travelling to new unexplored places can give you a first-hand look at different cultures. It’s the best way to experience new ways of living – you’ll meet people who may have different values and belief systems to yourself, taste foods you may not even have heard of, and see amazing locations, architecture and cultural artefacts to expand your own world.

One may not get many opportunities to try something like a new activity in your day to day life. Travelling is the perfect way to change that. On the road, open-mindedness often inspires adventure like bungee-jumping, hiking in the wilderness or even snow sports   should be given a shot on an adventure road trip. Even you can learn a new language while you’re at it. The sense of accomplishment you would get from giving it a go will leave you feeling empowered and that is SOLACE my dear friends.

5. BOOKS:-

It may sound a bit cliché that “Books open windows to the world and have the power to transform lives” a well-known quote by Ralph Lauren comes true to the extent that indeed books open a whole new dimension that can transform lives. A good book may never leave you empty rather it will fill you up with wisdom, knowledge and an experience that you may not find anywhere else. Reading books improves ones brain connectivity. It is to be noted that there is literature that not relates to you may end up boring you, the point here is the connection you have with the book. It has to relate to your current mood, need and your personality otherwise it will just be another chore that you may do in your day to day life.

Reading has many times proven to reduce stress and it fights depression symptoms. Fiction can allow you to temporarily escape your own world and become swept up in the imagined experiences of the characters. And nonfiction self-help books can teach you strategies that may help you manage symptoms.

As you are on your path to finding your SOLACE a good book may be the beacon of hope, the guiding star that you have needed all the while in your search for Solace.


Spirituality is a concept of a belief in something beyond the self. It not only involves religious traditions that focus on the belief in a higher power, rather it also involves a holistic belief in an individual connection to others and to the world as a whole.

Resorting to spirituality can do tremendous changes in ones life as through spirituality one can attain the path of solace in which we may experience eternal peace. Through spirituality once can achieve better health, better ability to handle stress which leads to less depression, greater psychological well-being. Spirituality offers a worldview that suggests there is more to life than just what people experience on a sensory and physical level. Spirituality enables us to experience compassion and empathy for others by developing strong deepening connections with other people. Spirituality as a path to solace enables us to not only seek meaning and purpose, but seeking happiness beyond material possessions or other external rewards which in turn makes one to make the world a better place.

You may resort to your spiritual solace by following Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, and Sikhism to name a few. Please do remember that there are many other spiritual traditions that exist throughout the world, including traditional and Indigenous spiritual practices. Such spiritual practices can be particularly important to a certain groups of people who have been subjected to the effects of colonialism.

The path to Solace through Spirituality can enrich your life that lead to numerous benefits, however  it is very important to be cautious to not let spiritual ideals lead to pitfalls such as dogmatism or a reason to ignore the needs of others.

Go on! Start an amazing journey towards the path of finding your SOLACE

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