How To Reboot Your Life

Our life is evolving constantly, since our birth; we have to go through many changes that shape our lives. Doing things that we do on a daily basis may sometime feel monotonous and boring. We may feel a strong urge to get some change from the mundane activities done for just surviving rather than living our life to the fullest. Sometimes an area of your life—or perhaps more than one—has gone completely off track and makes you feel bogged down and like you just can’t move forward. If this is the case, instead of making small changes here and there, you may want to wipe the slate clean and simply restart in that area of your life

A much needed restart is often felt, which may rejuvenate the energy from within and an individual may come out totally refreshed and anew. The important thing here is many people desire the much needed reboot but only a few dare to do something about it. The fear of failure stops almost 95 % of the people even before starting; either they are too scared to take the risk or some don’t want to bother trying new things.

As one starts to get older, the changes are bound to take a backseat, since the priority changes as one progress throughout the life. It does not takes much effort to hit the restart button, only a strong will power is required so as to achieve the desired outcome, positive adjustments in the attitude get one skyrocketed towards future possibilities.

There may be many reasons for one to think about hitting the reboot button of life. Perhaps you are going through a divorce, overcoming an addiction, healing from a serious injury or illness, or rebuilding after an emotional wound like betrayal. Regardless of where you’re coming from, you can make the road ahead more rewarding by setting a good foundation. Rebooting is a troubleshooting method when your life is giving you trouble.

Listed below are few methods and techniques for one to hit the Reboot Button:-

1. The First Step:-

Starting over may feel scary, but it can be a cause for celebration. Think of it as exciting, and many of your anxious feelings will begin to fade. The truth is that anxiety and excitement feel exactly the same to the body. It’s our minds that make it scary versus exhilarating. It is like giving yourself a chance at real happiness. Finding ways to begin anew will give you energy. The excitement of moving toward what you want will also bring you happiness. Just start small and don’t put too much pressure on yourself. You’ll get there sooner than you think.

2. Our future is not governed by our past:-

The things that may happened to us in the past should be used only as a lesson, irrespective of the bad things that may have happened to us, you can find a way to make things a little better for yourself, and hopefully for those around you as well. Usually one may get upset when life throws us nasty curveballs. The important thing here to remember is that emotional rage only makes matters worse. Every difficult moment in our lives is accompanied by an opportunity for personal growth and creativity.  But in order to attain this growth and creativity, we must first learn to let go of the past. Nothing is constant, even the difficulties have to give way for new possibilities & happiness. And once they pass, all we’re left with are our unique experiences and the lessons required two make a better attempt next time.

3. Define your personal values:-

The need to reboot your life may arise because you don’t feel like you are living according to your principles. Values are the beliefs, opinions, and ideas that drive your decision-making and serve as a foundation for your life. Figuring out your values ensures that your life reboot gets off on the right foot

A self-assessment can be done to pinpoint your personal values by doing the following:-

What kind of things get you fired up talking about?

What would you be willing to sacrifice your life for?

If your home was on fire, assuming all living beings had been rescued, what three items would you want to take with you?

What aspects of your community or the world would you like to change?

4. Acquire a new skill:-

If your daily life feels uninspiring, you may need to invigorate your brain cells with a challenge. A pick-me-up in the form of a new skill or hobby could be just what you need to refresh your schedule.

Sign up for an evening class to learn a new language, ballroom dancing, master new cuisines, or train in martial arts. Maybe you once enjoyed running or playing a sport, but stopped. Reflect on passions you used to enjoy and pick them back up. Whatever you do, find some way to challenge yourself and jazz up your routine. One small way to hit the reset button is by participating in a retreat. A retreat offers you the chance to depart from your everyday environment for a few days or longer in order to regroup and gain a new perspective or sense of inspiration for your life.

5. Welcome Positivity & delete negativity:-

Positive thinking creates new opportunities that open new doors while Negative thinking creates negative results. Every great success .has positivity at their forefront. Positive thinking makes the human mind to to be in frame set of belief that a certain thing can be done even before actually doing it. A positive belief is 100 times better than a negative setback. If you realize that your brain is trying to sabotage you, what can you do? Well, the tip here is to talk to yourself like you’re talking to a friend, or a co-worker, or a child who is being told by a bully they can’t do something they want to try. Avoid negativity in every possible way. This process works with any aspect of your life – work projects, relationships, general to-do lists, etc. It is to be noted that you can’t accomplish anything if you’re trying to be inclined towards negative thoughts. Focus on the positivity & get rid of negativity.

6. Changes & accountability of current situation:-

Changes are the part of life & most of the times you may not have control over the things happening in your life. In this situation the best plan of action is to utilise all the resources at your disposal to get the best possible outcome. Wastage of time, energy & resources on the uncontrollable things is sure to engulf you in misery, frustration & stagnation. For these type of situations, one must take control & must take accountability of their life otherwise someone else will, which will result in you becoming slaves to their ideas.

Taking control of your life is not easy, obstacles will be there, You must take accountability for your situation and overcome these obstacles otherwise you would end up giving up on yourself.

7. Changing your diet plan:-

In today’s world, fast foods are a major portion of ones diet. Indulging on processed or fast foods, sodas, caffeinated beverages, or alcohol can worsen your mood and outlook on life. These foods have the tendency to make you lazy & affect the quality of sleep which defines how your day will be. These foods are addictive in nature and hence are very difficult to get rid of once the taste buds gets the hang of it.Here your commitment to eat cleaner may develop the first line of defence to counteract the negative effects of junk foods. Instead of salty, sugary, and caffeinated foods, opt for fresh veggies, fruits, and whole grains as your diet. Beverages are to be strictly be eliminated. Choosing a plant based diet will make you much healthier, active and more productive.

8. Self-compliment:-

A dull life is often a result of engaging oneself in self-defeating thought patterns. When you feel uninspired by your life, instead of looking outward to the possibilities, you may beat yourself up for not being where you want to be. It is easier to be inclined towards negativity than to look for good in any situation. You can instantly feel better about yourself by taking time to acknowledge the positives. Take a few minutes each day—whether in the morning or at night—to compliment yourself. You might say things like “You are such a caring person” or “I love my smile.” For best results, do it in front of a mirror. Improving your appearance is a good way to reboot your life as a makeover may do wonders if done properly. It may include getting a new haircut, losing weight, upgrading your wardrobe etc. These techniques help you to get yourself in the self-compliment mode.

9. Meditation:-

Meditation not only helps you have discipline in your life, it also helps you become more aware of the present moment. A life reboot may sometimes mean slowing down, hitting the brakes and enjoying the present, enjoying the small things in life, be grateful to the almighty, mother nature etc. It is one of the most efficient tool to reboot your life as meditation changes you from within and in a very positive manner. You may feel like being re-born, full of energy, having good thoughts. You may start by setting aside just 5 minutes each day to sit in silence. Close your eyes or focus on a neutral spot a few feet in front of you. Focus on breathing & Breathe in deeply through your nose. Hold the breath for a few seconds. Then, exhale slowly through your mouth. This will help you gain attention & if you notice your attention wandering, bring your focus back and continue breathing. Make meditation a daily routine, preferably at the start of the day. Doing so will help you start each day on point, and end each day in a way that prepares you for tomorrow.  It will help you focus on the important stuff, instead of the distractions that keep popping up.  And most importantly, it will help you make steady progress – which is what life reboot is all about

10. Financial reboot:-

Reboot your finances if the financial stress is pulling you down. Allocate a budget for everything as this helps you keep a track of your money; find out where you are spending more. Write down the absolute essentials that you have to spend money on throughout the month, such as bus fare and the cost of utilities. Spend only on the bare necessities like food, groceries etc. Do the budgeting for a month and come to the conclusion to create a plan on how to better deal with your finances. Also using your skills to earn some extra income goes very well in this journey of life reboot as having monetary freedom helps you build confidence from within. Soon it will become a habit and you will end up having some extra money every month. Changing your job is also a process to consider for financial reboot. You might have been with the same company for the last 5 years, in the same position, doing the same thing and it’s not that you dislike your work. But, the thought of doing the same thing for the next 5 or 10 years scares you. You want to do more or perhaps even something completely different altogether.

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